Urgent:Access Denied to Password Resets

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AAdebanjo posted this 22 August 2005

Hi All,

We have a delegation model we just adopted and part of the
responsibilites handed over to our helpdesk support staff is password
reset of users accounts. However this delegated right goes off every 48
hrs and I had to redo the delegation again. We have a 2003 domain and I
have searched the technet site to no avail for problems similiar to
this. In addition, helpdesk is not prompted to force password change at
next logon...
Any ideas guys..??


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Tony posted this 22 August 2005

Could be the AdminSDHolder:


..and some words on this from Ulf:




AAdebanjo posted this 29 August 2005

Hi All,

Apologies for my silence on this issue. I have checked these support
pages and it involves installing a hotfix on the PDC to modify the
effects of the AdminSDHolder on protected groups. However I don't
believe this solves my issue because the problems stated in the article
was the issue of users with delegated rights not being able to reset
some user accounts under protected groups. In addition, this hotfix is
still under testing. I need to know if there is anyone out there who is
experiencing my challenges as well



listmail posted this 07 October 2005

Did you verify if the users are in any of the protected groups.

If so, the fix is to get them out of those groups and clean up the
admincount value. For the most part you should use those groups very rarely
except for the Admin groups.