so many event id 16 on DC. 'while processing a TGT...'

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MatCollins posted this 4 weeks ago


in our domain controllers there are so many event 16 which indicates 'while processin a TGS request for the target server XXX the account YYY did not have a suitable ..... '

we do not have configured des to disable and i have no idea why is that generating so much. 

have you guys experienc this?

the YYY acount i mentioned can be computer acc or user.

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MatCollins posted this 4 weeks ago


take a look below. this error is strange!

While processing a TGS request for the target server krbtgt/CONTOSO.COM, the account J.Doe@ROOT.CONTOSO.COM did not have a suitable key for generating a Kerberos ticket (the missing key has an ID of 8). The requested etypes were 18  17. The accounts available etypes were 18  17  23  -133  -128  24  -135. Changing or resetting the password of CONTOSO.COM will generate a proper key.

there is a logic problem here. error says the requested type were 18,17, but also says the available types were 18,17,23,... . If 18,17 were available, then why this error generated?

ElasticSky posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Mat,


Just wondering if you could give some more background like:



Were there any changes recently in the domain, i.e. did you just install 2008 R2 domain controllers?


Do you still have 2000/2003 DCs in the environment?


Did you recently increase the DFL/FFL of the domain?


Thanks in advance and sorry to be asking dumb questions.





MatCollins posted this 3 weeks ago

thanks for the reply. but the answer to all of them is no.

our environment is 2012 R2. dfl and ffl both.