Restrict Users from exporting AD Data

  • Last Post 25 February 2019
abhi@002 posted this 25 February 2019

Hi Experts,Is there an effective way to prevent or restrict end users from exporting data from active directory.Our security team wants to restrict users from exporting data from AD, however this does not appears to be feasible as all domain users have read access to AD by default.Questions:Is there a way to resctrict end-users from running LDAP queries and exporting data from AD.Is there a way end-users can be restricted to install or import AD powershell module or running AD cmdlets.What will be the most effective way to restrict powershell on client systems or allow them to execute only whitelisted scripts.Thanks,Abhishek

barkills posted this 25 February 2019 is a post I wrote on the general topic you are asking about, and I’d encourage

you to read it to understand the details. I’ll talk generally here in this email, but you’ll need to reference details in that post.


You can manage AD access up to a point. Where that point is depends on two things:

  1. Your tolerance for custom management costs & poorly documented impacts on applications
  2. The basic access control expectations of “core” AD capabilities


The post talks quite a bit about a). I’m unaware of anyone who has dived deeply on b) and documented the details. Probably the best informed on that topic is Ross Wilper at Stanford University, who designed an AD which removed all the default

ACLs from the user object class, and re-added permitting ACEs as necessary. I was at Stanford for the start of that design, but left before I could get very familiar with the details.


I’d also note that the ActiveDirectory PowerShell module is dependent on Active Directory Web Services. Preventing installation of software (e.g. that module) is a topic well-travelled, so I’m sure you can find resources on that elsewhere.