Removing/Separated Parent Domain and Keeping Child Domain

  • Last Post 25 February 2018
daniel.oprea posted this 25 February 2018

Hello everyone, 
I expose a situation: 
I have a parent domain that is xxx.local and a child of this same parent domain is, the child service is for a subcompany and this has to be independent, as I can do to break the relationship of trust between the father domain and the child domain? so that the child domain take it away and it is a parent domain independent?
The domain parent and domain child is 2012 level.
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g4ugm posted this 25 February 2018

Daniel, No, you have to create a new domain and migrate. It’s a pity Microsoft didn’t make this available, but they didn’t. I used to often see “customers” arguing that having child domains made for simpler migration during company re-structures. Having run through a few labs with them, they usually then agree that it doesn’t help, it complicates the issue. Lo sientoDave