Relocating branch office, replication question

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Syberchip posted this 14 March 2017

Need some advice.  I have a situation come up that I haven’t run into before.  We have an office in Canada (our headquarters is in the U.S.) and due to unforeseen circumstances that office may have to relocate rather quickly.  The offices are currently connected by a MPLS private line.  Our DCs (2) over there are 2008R2, still on 2003 functional level (I know, not great).   My question is, after they move, would it be best for them to not turn on the DCs until connectivity has been established to headquarters?  Or will it be okay? (My mind wants to say it will be fine?)  It may take a bit to move the private line (may be over a month), so I’m thinking we may be forced into a site-to-site VPN temporarily.  I know it’s not good to not have replication for over a month.  Usually we have time to plan these things better, this just came up all of a sudden.   Usually when we have a branch office outage it’s not for an extended period of time, or there’s no power so the DCs are down anyway.  Not used to deliberately using DCs with replication not being able to function due to no connectivity, or having an office relocate so quickly.

  Suggestions?   -Marcus

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bdesmond posted this 14 March 2017



There’s no harm really in having the DCs be up while the WAN is down (they’re designed to be able to do this). Just keep in mind if the outage lasts longer than your tombstone

lifetime, you’re going to have to force demote those DCs and re-promote them. That will mean you’ll lose all the changes they’ve processed (namely user and computer account password changes) which probably means you’ll have a bunch of broken machine account

trusts, etc. If your tombstone lifetime is set to 60 days, you may want to proactively bump this to 180 which is the default for newer forests so you have some wiggle room.








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Syberchip posted this 14 March 2017

That’s what I thought, but it’s good to hear it from others, thanks.  Our tombstone lifetime is set to 180 days already so we’re good there.