Provide Client machine IP by local DNS server to forwarder IP

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Mano posted this 06 January 2020

Hi all,


I have a requirement to that, the client machine IP should be handed over by local windows AD/DNS server to Efficient iP appliance. The reason is efficient iP appliance is requiring client machine IP address to enable some functionality. In this case, is there any option within windows 2008 R2 / 2016 server to handover the client IP it's forwarder IP (Efficient iP appliance) please?
- Mano

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Mano posted this 07 January 2020

Hi all,
Any thoughts, please !!!
- Mano


g4ugm posted this 07 January 2020

Thoughts, I don’t understand what you are asking. Does the appliance know the machine name? When to you want it to receive the IP address? At client boot up. Why does it need the IP, surely if its in the DNS it can look it up.Why can’t it ask… Dave 


ActiveDir4 posted this 07 January 2020

Hi Mano,


Efficient IP seems to be a network management offering.


If all you want to do if have Efficient IP hand out IP addresses to clients (respond to DHCP requests), then you just need to configure it to provide DHCP services taking into account all existing

scopes and disable any other DHCP servers.

There may be other tweaks that you need to consider regarding AD and DNS registration, but without any details of your existing setup or requirements I can’t be sure what else might need consideration.


Alternatively the Efficient IP offering also includes DNS so you could migrate both your DHCP and DNS to Efficient IP if that fits your requirements.


It all depends on what you are using, or would like to use and how you would like to use it. It looks like Efficiently IP have an IP management solution for Windows DHCP/DNS (

Is this what you have, or are looking at?






jarves posted this 08 January 2020

Are you referring to DHCP to be handled by eff IP or DNS?
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Mano posted this 08 January 2020

Hi Chris / Dave,
As we know, in general,  the client machine does name resolution against primary dns server ip for any resource (www, ftp, and so on) which we browse. In my setup, my client machine primary IP is set to Windows 2016 AD / DNS server and this AD/DNS is having few IP's in the forwarder list. The ip listed in the forwarder list is our Efficient iP appliance IP which does public name resolution.
In our current scenario, my client does name resolution against local DNS server then the local DNS server asks IP address of the resource (eg: from an efficient iP appliance. In this case, my local DNS server will not provide client machine IP to efficient iP appliance. The problem is, an


g4ugm posted this 10 January 2020

Mano, That sounds like an issue for Efficient IP support. Why can’t you white list the Domain Controller?. DNS queries are always the responsibility of the first server contacted. There isn’t as far as I know, any way to tell the efficient IP server the address of the client, other than to point the client at the Efficient IP DNS server and get it to be the primary DNS server and have it re-direct the queries back to the Active Directory server. Dave