OT: TFS Server and Forests

  • Last Post 22 March 2012
rmscheck posted this 22 March 2012

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here has worked with TFS (Team Foundsation
Serber) and the use of various development and production AD forests..
I'm looking for guidance on what folks have done to keep the trusts
down between dev and prod forests. My heart tells me no trusts to
keep things contained and separate, but I dont know enough about TFS
and how devs use it to deploy code within a dev forest and its members
then eventually to production forest members..



skradel posted this 22 March 2012

I've not known TFS to be used as a deployment tool, but rather for
source control / versioning / project and issue workflow / build
automation. As such, customers tend to run it in the production
environment as just another enterprise app.

As a developer I've worked with git, TFS, SVN, CVS, VSS, and probably
a couple others, but thus far have not been taken with the need to
make the source control system all-singing and dancing.