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darren posted this 09 April 2014

All- I happened across this yesterday and thought folks on this list might find it useful. I haven’t tested it at all but since it’s Google, I figured it was least worth looking at—basically an open source implementation of a self-service password reset application for LDAP directories (including AD):   Curious if anyone has tried it.     Darren   Darren Mar-Elia CTO & Founder – -- “The Group Policy Experts” +1-415-670-9302 Darren@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   FOLLOW US ONLINE!: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:    

josemedeiros007 posted this 20 April 2014

Hi Darren,
I just noticed your email posting. When I was at Force 10 Networks in 2001 upgrading AD and Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 one of the developers asked if I knew how to authenticate to AD / Exchange 2000 using LDAP as he had an application that did not support NTLM and NTLMv2 based authentication.

I found and bought a ADSI development book at Barnes and Noble and let him borrow it, and he was able to locate java based code to accomplish his task, however it was so long ago I am not sure what he used.

Do you happen to know what this password reset tool is using to authenticate against Active Directory and the level of authentication it uses, such as Kerberos? I didn't notice that specified, but I only briefly browse to it.

At Cisco in in 1999 / 2000 Robbie Allen, and Daniel Hinkle where our NT and AD admins in Corporate  IT, but in ECS ( Engineering computer services ) we had a pearl script run that would dump the NT passwords into clear text and then import then into the NIS+ Solaris domain for single sign on (n It probably ran PWDUMP ), but that was before Microsoft released Unix services for AD.

I haven't worked with Active Directory since my last position at Intel in 2006, so my apologies if the question sounds basic and I should know this.
Thanks ,
Jose F. Medeiros

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