The environment.
On a windows environment with DC ans DFS servers on Windows 2016 and
Workstation under Windows 10. We lake GPO to map network drives.
The drives are available for all authenticated users. All "locations"
are located on the same disk of the DFS servers.

The configuration.
You can see on the screenshot the properties of one of this.

The "history".
During test after applying GPO, the drives are present on the explorer
but we can't use it. If we use the URI of one location, all the drives
become available. So we add an hidden drive that point to the "root"
location, the common part of the different locations.

The troubles :
- For random users, one or more the drives are unavailable at the
- Sometime, one or more become unavailable for few minutes.
- A red-cross in Explorer.

Net use give us the "name" of the unavailable drive(s).

Questions :
- What is the best practice to map network drives with GPO in an
environment Windows 10/2016 including scripting ?
- Why my drive(s) become unavailable ?

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