local firewall on DCs. thoughts?

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Mat.Collins posted this 4 weeks ago


how you guys have managed to configure window firewall in your DCs? i mean not the configuration, but i mean in how many phases you configured it. for example first you query all the ports it uses by using 'Get-NetTCPConnection' and list all the ports and then you allow the ones that are listetning or established? what abuot the ports that you have not found out yet? i mean in an environment where there are so many apps and programs, how do you proceed in configuring firewalls where there could be many hidden ports which are used by apps? 

any thoughts?

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daemonr00t posted this 4 weeks ago

Windows built-in firewall comes with a pre canned set of rules that can be managed based on the given roles on the system.

Still one can create custom rules as need it.

This of course can be managed via GPO for a steady configuration across the environment.



Ravi.Sabharanjak posted this 4 weeks ago

another point to look at is the installed software on your DC, to see what other additional firewall rules you may need.