IAM Architect position at UW

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kool posted this 28 February 2017

Please excuse the potential list abuse. The University of Washington has an opening for an identity and access management architect.


Note that the position requires a vendor-neutral approach with an emphasis on higher-ed community-driven work. Thus experience far beyond just AD is required. Perhaps some of you knew the late, great, RL "Bob" Morgan. This is an attempt to fill his very large shoes.

If you know of any suitable candidates please forward this on.


    Eric Kool-Brown
    Software Engineer
    University of Washington - IT Infrastructure

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DaveB posted this 01 March 2017

I knew Bob and always appreciated his insight and expertise while I was managing IT at one of the UW Schools. If you mean he passed away - I am sorry to hear that and if he retired - more power to him :). That being said his shoes will be tough to fill - good luck with that. (Also - apologizing if this is abusing the list.)
Dave Bowen
Senior Systems Admin
5975 East Marginal Way South, Seattle, WA 98134


kool posted this 02 March 2017

Hi Dave,

RL Bob lost his battle with cancer in 2012 and he is very much missed. Great guy and, yeah, quite the visionary. The personification of an architect IMHO.