GPO Consolidation

  • Last Post 16 March 2018
pawan posted this 13 March 2018

Hi Experts,
It's long time I've visited on the blog.
Can someone advise me the best way to consolidate the existing bunch of GPOs.
1. We have around 10 computer configuration GPO linked on computer objects OU and we want to club/merge these settings in 2-3New GPOs.
2. Link location will be same for GPOs after Consolidation.
3. Now question is that if we merge the all 10 gpos in 2-3 gpo. Will it affect logon performance on user machine? Or if there will be no speed up in performance then should we keep the existing all 10GPOs.

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kennedyjim posted this 14 March 2018

One big one for static items that don’t change often.  If something is changed often give its own GPO. The theory is that if you make a change on the big one,

it has to reread the whole GPO. That said, with only 10 I don’t think you are going to see any difference either way especially considering they are only read once by the machine unless they are changed.


Good teched talk at the link below, during it he covers this topic.




pawan posted this 14 March 2018

Hi Kennedy,
Thanks for your Input. The approach seems good to have one big and other sparate GPOs for frequent changes.


darren posted this 16 March 2018

From a GP processing performance perspective, I wrote this a bunch of years ago and it’s still mostly the same guidance I give today:


In addition, it turns out that what policy areas you put into a given GPO can have an impact on performance as well. Have a look at this blog post for some info on this: