While working on adding HTML output to the DHCP script, I fixed several more issues with the function that generates the HTML output. I added those fixes to the following scripts:   Active Directory 2.11 – in development XenDesktop 7.x V2 – in development DNS 1.04 - http://carlwebster.com/downloads/download-info/microsoft-dns/ New PVS 5.08 - http://carlwebster.com/downloads/download-info/new-provisioning-services-pvs/ XenDesktop 5.x 1.16 - http://carlwebster.com/downloads/download-info/xendesktop-5-x/ XenDesktop 7.x V1 1.24 - http://carlwebster.com/downloads/download-info/xenappxendesktop-7-x-documentation-script/   Thanks     Carl Webster Citrix Technology Professional http://www.CarlWebster.com The Accidental Citrix Admin