Configure Records on Windows Cluster

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manasrrp6 posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi,  I am going to implement windows cluster first time, please guide me is there any requirement of configuration any DNS records before going to start installing and configuring any new cluster creation. Or it will automatically create records when we go through wizard.Regardscid:image002.gif@01D14ECD.C6D1DE80 

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charith.hettige posted this 3 weeks ago

Dear Manas,
If you are having sufficient privileges to the domain you need not to perform prestaging of DNS. As long as you have AD integrated DNS you should be good.
Best regards,Charith


manasrrp6 posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Charith,Thank you very much, that is the best answer I excepting. but only to create 'A' record or any other record required in prestaging step.


charith.hettige posted this 2 weeks ago

Dear Manas,
Not essential. But you can prestage the A records in DNS if needed. I've not prestaged during many of my cluster builds. Simplest reason the DNS zones were AD integrated.