Can't map via hostname

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daemonr00t posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi there,   So I got this scenario with a handful of Hyper-V based Server 2012R2 Domain Controllers spread in a couple of sites with good a good connection between them. All involved systems are updated, directory is fully convergent. Now randomly we can’t map shared resources (like the SYSVOL) via hostname and/or FQDN but things work flawlessly with the IP address. Name resolution is ok, firewall was disabled (still rules were in place) and AV exceptions are there too. I found a thread with a similar case, where Microsoft after a while provided a private test fix but that was on 2K8R2… Anyone out there with something to share about this?   ~danny CS
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darren posted this 2 weeks ago


One possibility—is the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service running? I’ve seen this kind of behavior when it was off/disabled.





daemonr00t posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the tip Darren.

The TCP/IP NetBIOS Helpser service was indeed running but I’ll keep this in mind for any future cases.

There was a push as someone had this hunch that one of the DCs was faulty so we end up removing it and guess what… the issue continues.

Now the networking guys have found some “RESET packets” and they are digging into that…

If anything AD related comes up I’ll share it but as I said several days ago this seems to be network related.


~danny CS

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Atula posted this 5 days ago

please try


daemonr00t posted this 5 days ago

Thanks for checking Atul.

After exhaustive sessions with the ISP it turns out it was something on their side ;)



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