Accessing Replication errors using PowerShell

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Dima Razbornov posted this 22 June 2017



Hello AD experts!

Does somebody know where repadmin and his friends get AD repl data?

I mean errors, last sucsess event, error code, description and other info, like that?


I just trying to find subj data from AD, and I found some useful attributes here,

Accessing Replication Metadata using ADPowerShell

but thats not enougth for me. I want to doing some programmatically research and trying to find a way.

Any hints or ideas?

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GuyTe posted this 22 June 2017


You can get this information by calling GetReplicationConnectionFailures method:





Dima Razbornov posted this 22 June 2017

Nice one, Guy, perfect!

Do you know, can I get this info from some attributes in AD clearly just from my eyes, or not?

GuyTe posted this 25 June 2017

Take a look at repsFrom on the NC head.