About Us

The Active Directory Discussions Mailing List was started back in January 2001 with the aim of providing a forum for discussing various aspects of Microsoft's Active Directory technology. Since then the list has grown to a membership.

The forum has become extremely active and includes many of the foremost experts in Active Directory.

Contacting Us

Should you need to report anything or contact us regarding the service, we are listening. Questions or comments can be posted in the Site Admin area of the site. We are also available at admin@mail.activedir.org.


If you are interested in sponsoring our efforts here by advertising on one of the allocated ad spots, please contact us admin@mail.activedir.org

Subscription Options

There are three subscription options available when registering. These can be changed at any time by editing your profile.

Poster - Create, read and reply to posts over our web site only

We will not send you any email, unless you explicitly follow a individual topic or all discussions.

Digestor - like Subscriber but receive a daily summary of posts

We will not send you a daily summary of all posts made to the forum. You can still follow a individual topics or all discussions whereby you will receive a notification when posts are created.

Subscriber - Create, read and reply to post using web or mail client

We will send you an email whenever any new post or reply is made to the forum. This is the same as following all discussions over the site.